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How To Export Data and Print
How To Export Data and Print

Learn about how to export and print all of the data from a case in Family Connections

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Family Connections is a tool that helps social workers, CASA volunteers, and family recruiters to build visual trees including family members and supporters of kids in foster care. 

What Data Exists In Family Connections?
The data in Family Connections is usually aggregated public information (contact info, social media profiles, webpage documents, etc) about the people related to the child, and not specifically about the child. Though a user can enter any data they like into Family Connections, and that can include health privacy information for example. 

What Security Measures Are In Place For Family Connections?
Learn more by visiting the Security Information page on our website. 

 How Do I Export Data From Family Connections

  • Open a case in Family Connections

  • Then click the work "Export" in the gray menu bar at the top of your workspace

  • Follow instructions in the popup window. Be sure to click "Copy to Clipboard" when offered the opportunity in order to have the password available for opening the downloaded file. You will only need this password the first time you open the file on your computer. You will need to email it to any recipient to whom you wish to send the downloaded files.

Why Did I Receive An Export Email?
The export email is provided to you so that you can share the potentially very large file with your co-workers or other need-to-know parties. Simply forward the export email. Be sure to also provide the password that you were given during the export process.

NOTE: Anyone with a copy of that email can download the case information for up to 30 days. Do not forward the email to anyone you do not wish to have a full copy of the case. 

What Does The Case Export Zip File Contain?
The case export zip contains everything below

  • A README file explaining the contents

  • An Excel file containing the child's information, the people and all of their contact information, and the full engagement history of the case

  • A directory of documents, separated by person, related to the case

  • Images of each workspace

What can the export be used for?

  • Print data using the Excel file, including performing custom sorts and filtering.

  • Print the family trees and support maps you have created by using the free Adobe Acrobat reader to open the pdf files in the folder titled "workspaces."

  • Import data from Family Connections into other systems

  • Backup data

  • Enable interactions with other groups that may not wish to use Family Connections as team members 

Can I request additional exports and reports?

Yes! Send an email to [email protected]

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