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How To Install and Use the Family Connections Chrome Browser Extension/Plug-in
How To Install and Use the Family Connections Chrome Browser Extension/Plug-in

Learn how to capture any webpage using Google Chrome and the Family Connections browser plug-in

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Family Connections is a tool that social workers, CASA volunteers, and family recruiters use to increase the speed at which they can discover and engage extended families. Family Connections includes a Google Chrome browser extension that allows users to capture any page on the web as a PDF and save that PDF to cases in Family Connections.

Browser Extension Support

This browser extension is currently only available for Google Chrome. 

How To Install The Browser Extension

Family Connections users can find the Family Connections Chrome Extension in the Chrome Web store at the link below tool. 

Or you can get the link directly inside Family Connections.

  • In Family Connections, click the user icon in the upper right

  • Click "Get Plugin"

Once in the Google Chrome store, click the "Add To Chrome" button. See screenshot below. Then click "Add Extension" to approve installation. 

How To Use The Browser Extension

After you install the browser extension, there will be a new "Family Connections Icon" in your Google Chrome browser. See the screenshot below for an example. 

  • Click the Family Connections icon in the browser as shown above.

  • Click the login button

  • You may have to try and click the login button twice 

  • Enter your Connect Our Kids login information

  • Navigate to any web page

  • Click the Family Connections icon in the browser

  • Choose a child's case

  • Choose a person in the case

  • Click the "Add Document" button

  • Enter the document details

  • Click the "Save" button

The document will be saved as a PDF and attached to the target person in Family Connections. 

Viewing Documents Captured By The Browser Extension

  • Open the Family Connections website on a desktop

  • Open a case (double click on a case child)

  • Select your target person in the tree

  • Click the 'Documents' tab in the person slide out panel

You can also open a case and click the "documents icon" in the right side of the grey menu bar to view all documents associated with a case. 

More Information and Support

If you have more questions or need help, please send an email to [email protected]

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