Family Connections provides permissions at the team level, which affect a user's access to all cases, and permissions at the case level, which affect only that case. An individual's permissions to a given case are determined by the greater of their team level permission and their case level permission. 

For example, members of a team with no team level permissions can only view and edit cases to which they have been given case level permissions. 

Team Level Permissions

Team Managers have permission to view and edit all cases for your team. Managers can also invite and remove team members.

Team Editors can create new cases, and can view and edit all team level cases. 

Team Viewers can view but not edit all cases in a team. 

Case Creators can create new cases, and invite new team members to view, edit, or manage those cases. 

No Permissions gives the user no team level permissions, and so they must be assigned case level permissions.

Case Level Permissions

Case Manager can give case level permissions to other users. 

Case Editors can edit that case. 

Case Viewers can view but not edit the case. 

Read the Assigning Case Level Permissions article to learn how to apply these permissions.

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