The Family Connections feature "Engagements" allows you and your team to keep track of all interactions on a case. There are various types of engagements and below you can learn how to keep your cases organized utilizing this feature.

Engagements can be added to a case on the individual connections level, this allows you to keep track of all of your touch points for each connection within your case.

Engagements include:
• Notes
• Documents
• Logging Calls
• and Logging Emails

There are two ways to add a new engagement. You can either click Engagements in the top grey tab bar OR you can add an engagement in the right side panel of a specific person.

To add an engagement for a specific person, click the person and the right side view will open. From there you can view or add new engagements.

Adding Notes

Adding Documents

Logging Calls

Logging Emails

Searching and Filtering Engagements

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