First Phone Call & Voice Mail Scripts

Phone call and voice mail scripts for contacting people during a permanency search.

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*This script is to serve as an example only. Feel free to add more or less information on the child and biological parents depending on your custodial agency's guidelines. All information provided and connections contacted must be approved by the custodial agency.

First Phone Call Script

“Hello, (address by first name), this is (social worker name) with (social services municipality).”

[[allow a brief pause for them to ask any questions or confirm their identity.]]

“I’m calling on behalf of (youth’s first name) who is a child of (mother’s first name) and (father’s first name). “

“We have identified you as a potential relative or connection, and wanted to inform you that (youth’s first name) is in the custody of (social services municipality).”

[[allow a brief pause for them to ask any questions]]

“Youth are removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Sadly, this is the case for (Youth’s first name) and we are actively looking for a safe, stable home for (youth’s first name).

“If you are interested in welcoming this youth into your home, please note, that you may be eligible for financial assistance for health insurance, housing, food, and clothing.”

[[If they don’t respond or you sense hesitancy, move on to next]]

“If you are unable to take the youth into your home you could still support them in other ways.”

[[Start listing all the different ways they could help, e.g., sharing recipes, taking them to lunch, sharing family pictures/stories/history, going to their graduation, funding an activity, being a pen pal, calling them regularly, visiting them regularly, being a respite provider,...etc.]]

First Voice Mail Script

“Hi, (name)”

“This is (social worker name) with (social services municipality) regarding a private and urgent matter. Please return my call or email me at (phone number and email) at your earliest convenience.”

[[I often would recommend offering a number that the potential relative can text as well.]]

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