Second Phone Call Script

“Hello, (name), this is (social worker name) with (social services municipality).”

[[allow a brief pause for them to ask any questions or confirm their identity.]]

“If you remember, we had a brief conversation over the phone on (date of original call). I was reaching out to see if you’d had any thoughts or questions about (child’s name) and how you might be able to help them.”

“Relatives of foster children play an essential role in the lives of these children and can make an enormous impact on them. Children thrive when connected or placed in homes with relatives because, often, relationships have already been foraged and can exemplify stability. Foster children who are able to stay connected to their extended families and cultures are subject to less trauma than those who are not connected to their families. "

(Child’s Name) enjoys (insert activity child enjoys), (insert food child enjoys), and (insert challenge child would appreciate support in). There are many ways that you can help make an impact!"

Second Voice Mail Script

“Hi, (name)”

“This is (social worker name) with (social services municipality) calling again about a private and urgent matter. I’ve reached out via email, letter, and call-but haven’t heard from you. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience.”

[consider offering a number that the potential relative can text as well.]]

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