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How to Make and Manage Groups
How to Make and Manage Groups

Learn about creating, moving, renaming and deleting groups of people

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Family Connections visual tree builder allows you to group people to indicate non-familial relationships, or other considerations.

Create A Group Of People

Use groupings to indicate non-familial relationships

  • Select multiple people by right clicking in the grey area of the workspace, then drag your mouse around the group of people, or by selecting first one person, then holding down the control (ctrl) button and selecting additional, adjacent people.

  • Click the "Add Group" button (3rd button from the top at the right of your workspace)

  • Enter a name for the group

  • Click the blue checkmark

Moving a Group Of People

  • Left click the darker gray of the group box space (not on a person or placeholder within the group)

  • Left-click-and-drag the group to move the position

Renaming a Group

  • Double click the name of the group

  • Type the new name

  • Press enter complete the edit

Deleting a Group

  • Left click to select the group

  • Press the delete or backspace button on your keyboard

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