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Case Status Recommendations

How to determine which Case Status you should choose, and when to change the Case Status

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If applicable, it is important to track how long you engage in each phase of a case with the use of the Case Status. Many users find these guidelines to be helpful:

New - you haven't officially added the youth yet; you may have received a referral, are scheduling an initial meeting with the case worker, scheduling initial visit with the youth, etc.

Inactive - your search/outreach efforts are on hold
Discovery - you have begun reviewing files/diligent searching
Engagement - you have begun cold calling, talking to former professionals, current network, and so on
Promising - you have identified a potential placement, full disclosure meeting scheduled, etc.
Finalization - you have a finalization date (even if not yet finalized). There will be a second drop down to identify how the case finalized: adoption or legal guardianship.
Closed - case is officially closed. There will be a second drop down with the following options: Emancipation, OPPLA (Other Planned Permanent Living Arrangement), Reunification, Other. You will always have access to your closed cases and can reopen them if needed. To access a closed case, simply go to the "More Filters" on the top left hand side and select "Closed" from the filter options.

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