CASA Third Letter Engagement Template

A follow up letter for additional contacts with family and supporters of children in need of a permanent home.

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*This letter is to serve as an example only. All information provided and connections contacted must be approved by the custodial agency.

Third Letter Engagement Outreach



Dear (Name)

As you know, I’ve recently contacted you regarding (child’s name). In addition to the letters, I’ve sent emails and left a voicemail. Sadly, (child’s name) is still in the foster care system and I am working hard to identify the best possible placement for long term positive outcomes for (child’s name).

The foster care system is currently overwhelmed by the number of children needing a safe and loving place to call home. Right now, there are more than 400,000 kids in the system and 20,000 children leave the foster care system without finding a family each year. Not having a support system often leads to homelessness and incarceration. In fact, two thirds of aged out foster youths are either incarcerated, homeless, or deceased by the age of 26. For these statistics and more you can go to The Children’s Bureau at:

Studies show that having safe and loving connections with extended family members before foster children leave foster care make them more likely to become productive, healthy members of our society. I’m certain you’d agree that family connections are essential to living a stable, happy life, and that every child deserves this opportunity. Take a moment to imagine your life without a family member to call about a recipe, or if you had no one from your family at your graduation or wedding.

I hope you will consider helping (child’s name) during this difficult time. Please get in contact with us so you don’t lose the opportunity to connect with (child’s name) now or in the future. If children are adopted by another family, relatives may no longer have the option of being involved in the child’s life.

[If this last sentence is too heavy for you, leave it out. But keep in mind that you have tried to contact them several times prior.]


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