CASA Second Phone call Scripts

Scripts that can be used for a second phone call or voice mail contact when reaching out to relatives/connections of child.

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*This script is to serve as an example only. All information provided and connections contacted must be approved by the custodial agency.

CASA Second Phone Call Script

“Hello, (name), this is (your name) with (name of agency).”

[allow a brief pause for them to ask any questions or confirm their identity.]

“If you remember, we had a brief conversation over the phone on (date of original call). I was reaching out to see if you had a chance to think of any more information to share about (child’s name) or if you have any thoughts or questions about other ways you might be able to help them.”

[allow a brief pause for them to register information and ask any questions]

“Relatives of foster children play an essential role in the lives of these children and can make an enormous impact on them.”

“Children do better when connected to or placed in homes with relatives because, often, relationships have already been formed and can show stability. Foster children who are able to stay connected to their extended families and cultures are subject to less emotional distress from abuse and human trafficking than those who are not connected to their families.”

[Feel free to omit some of this part if it seems like too much for a conversation]

“Can you imagine your life without a connection to one person that truly cares for you?”

[allow a brief pause for them to register information and ask any questions]

“(Child’s name) enjoys (insert activity child enjoys), (insert food child enjoys), and (insert challenge child would appreciate support in). There are many ways that you can help make an impact! Helping can be as simple as providing some missing pieces to a child's history, sharing family pictures, sharing family recipes and other traditions, writing a letter to the child, or meeting the child for lunch sometimes.”

“If you are interested in possibly welcoming this child into your home, but it would be a financial hardship, you may be eligible for assistance with meeting the child’s needs.”

[ If they are interested in learning more about assistance, go into more detail about health insurance, housing, food, clothing, and college education for the child).]

[ At the end of conversation always finish with some sort of follow up in order to keep the conversation going. Hint: you could ask them to look for photos of the child, or gather other relatives’ contact information]

Second Voice Mail Script

“Hi, (name)”

“This is (CASA name) with (agency name) calling again about a private and urgent matter regarding the welfare of a child you might know. I’ve reached out by email, letter, and phone call, because your help could be really important. Please return my call or text me at (phone number) at your earliest convenience. I can also be reached by email at (email).” Thank you in advance for your help. Please visit my agency’s website for more information about CASAs.

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