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CASA Spanish Social Media Outreach Template
CASA Spanish Social Media Outreach Template

Spanish language template for a message over social media to a potential connection

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*This outreach is to serve as an example only. All information provided and connections contacted must be approved by the custodial agency.

First Social Media Outreach (Spanish)

Hola (insert potential connection’s name here),

Mi nombre es (insert your name) y trabajo como Abogada especial designada por el tribunal en (agency’s name). Me estoy comunicando con usted porque trabajo con (youth’s name/initials) como su defensora. Creo que es posible que conozca a (youth’s name/initials) o que conozca a sus padres (insert parents names). Mi trabajo como defensora es expandir el árbol genealógico de (youth’s name/initials), recopilar información familiar y expandir sus conexiones / apoyos permanentes. Me encantaría charlar más con usted y aprender más sobre sus conexiones familiares de (youth’s name/initials). También me encantaría tener la oportunidad de responder cualquier pregunta que pueda tener sobre mi rol profesional. Las conexiones importan. Las conexiones son esenciales para ayudar a nuestros jóvenes más vulnerables a ser más resilientes, comenzar a sanar y continuar creciendo a su máximo potencial. No dude en comunicarse conmigo respondiendo a este mensaje o envíeme un correo electrónico a (insert your email) o llámeme/envieme un mensaje de texto a (insert your phone number). ¡Espero poder conectarme con usted pronto!


(Insert your name)

(Professional title)

(Contact information)

English version:

Hello (insert potential connection's name here),

My name is (insert your name) and I work as a Court Appointed Special Advocate at (agency’s name). I am contacting you because I work with (youth’s name/initials) as their advocate. I think you may know (youth’s name/initials) or your parents (insert parents names). My job as an advocate is to expand the family tree of (youth’s name/initials), gather family information, and expand their ongoing connections/support. I would love to chat with you more and learn more about your (youth’s name/initials) family connections. I would also love the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about my professional role. Connections matter. Connections are essential to helping our most vulnerable youth become more resilient, begin to heal, and continue to grow to their full potential. Feel free to contact me by replying to this message or email me at (insert your email) or call/text me at (insert your phone number). I look forward to connecting with you soon!


[Note: The Term CASA means home in Spanish, so we are using advocate instead.]

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