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When should I use the 'Send Emails' button?
When should I use the 'Send Emails' button?

The 'send emails' button is great if you've found multiple email addresses for a person in your case

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The 'Send Emails' button can be found in a person's details section when more than one email address exists.

Clicking the 'Send Emails' button will open your default email application (read how to set that here) and list the email addresses into the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) line.

The BCC email allows you to send the same email to those listed but the receiver will only see the sender's information and not the other emails attempted. Say goodbye to copying and pasting email addresses and sending separate emails!

Pro tip: Once you click the 'Send Emails' button, and populate an email, feel free to copy & paste an email template from our Engagement Center!

Please note, at this time 'hidden email addresses' are also included in the auto-populated BCC line, so you will need to manually remove those if you do not want them included.

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