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Why does my file import, import wrong information?
Why does my file import, import wrong information?

If your import is not importing correctly, you might need to disable the address auto populate feature!

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When using the Family Connections Import feature, take note of the addresses you are adding to your CSV file. Are they full, correct addresses? Are they partial addresses? This is important in the way the information will show up in the tool.

Physical addresses in the CSV will be auto-formatted and verified during import, so if there is only a partial or incorrect address (a city, state, etc.) you will get an error trying to import if the box is not checked. When you select the 'disable address autocomplete' checkbox, physical addresses will be imported exactly how you've entered them in the CSV file.

The 'disable address autocomplete' checkbox can be found at the bottom of your import module once a CSV file has been chosen.

If you run into any issues, please contact [email protected]

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