EcoMaps/Ecological Maps are amazing tools to identify important people in child/youth lives, past and present. It gives a visual representation of the key relationships a child or an individual has based on a strength-based and person-centered perspective.

If the child/youth is emotionally stable enough this is something you do with them. You do one sheet per placement in foster care and the different homes within the child's biological family as well. You are trying to bring up memories of important positive people they were involved with while living in these homes.

When you do this with the child/youth you are giving them back some control over their own lives. When they have more control in the process they will more than likely be accepting of a support network or placement.

There are several different templates depending on the child's age and what they look like, choose the best one for your child.

From this, you can use the information gathered to search these people's contact information with our People Search at or within your Family Connections account.

*If the person using the EcoMap is not the primary worker then they should be discussing the usage with the primary worker first. Giving the foster care placement a heads-up is always important too since the child/youth may need time to process the activity.

If you would like further information on EcoMaps please pick a time here and I would be happy to talk with you:

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