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How do I use the FamilySearch integration?
How do I use the FamilySearch integration?

When and how would I use the FamilySearch integration?

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Connect Our Kids has collaborated with our friends over at FamilySearch to provide you another way of locating people for the youth and families you work with!

FamilySearch can help you find ancestry information, family history, and more as they have over 10,000 archives and partners in over 100 countries! Check out our quick demo video below!

When would you use FamilySearch?

Some of our users have ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act) related cases or they suspect that ICWA might need to be involved due to the suspected youth/family's heritage. FamilySearch might be able to help in finding ancestors and ancestry history for your youth/family! For non-ICWA cases, this tool can still be incredibly helpful to dig deeper into the youth/family's ancestry so they can learn more about their family heritage!

So, how would you use FamilySearch?

Select the case you want to use this tool for. Select from the workspace (or add to the workspace) a deceased family member. Make sure you have some information on the individual like their first, last name, DOB, DOD, etc. Then, click on the Search tab and click on FamilySearch. You will be prompted to either create a free account or sign in.

Let's start searching!

Once you have selected the person and clicked the FamilySearch icon you will see the person you are searching in the middle screen, now click Search. Here you will see all the possible people that match the criteria of who you are searching. You can select one or more possible results then click Next. On this screen you will see deceased relatives of the individual(s) you selected from the previous screen. Here you can select these people or just click Import. You can find the people you have imported under the People's tab. The people you imported through this integration will have a FamilySearch tree icon. If you click on the FamilySearch icon you will be taken to their FamilySearch profile to find more information about this individual.

Happy searching and let us know what you think about this integration!

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