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What is a dashboard and how would I use my dashboard?

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Welcome to your new dashboard!

The dashboard was designed to be your new landing page where you can see information at a quick glance. At the top right you will find the tasks you have set for yourself whether they are personal or case related tasks. Then, you will see the four most recent cases, click on the "View More" to be taken to the Cases tab where you will see all of your cases. The next section is a quick glance at reports. Here you will see your own recent activity across your cases and the duration for your cases. The final section is the team members where you will see yourself and/or your team members.

Remember you can always click the "View More" in any of the sections to be taken to that specific page for more detailed information or use the tabs on the top blue navigation bar!

Let us know what you think about this new dashboard landing page!

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