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EcoMaps are a connection-finding tool for listing important people in the youth's foster placements and while with biological family.

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With the youth go over each placement they have been in and explore important people that they remember from each one. Try to get enough information on these people in order to search for their contact information.

Tip: To find the ones with whom they have the closest bond, try asking them who they would want to sit with by a campfire.

While this is an important activity for the youth to show ownership of their future and to have some control in their lives, be mindful of the youth's emotional well-being and stability. If unsure, do it with a therapist present. Permission and guidance may be needed from the primary worker; check with your agency's guidelines surrounding EcoMaps. Some negative memories could surface, so make sure caregivers are aware of the activity to offer extra support to the child/youth.

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