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Service and Support Subscription and People Search Bundles available for purchase
Service and Support Subscription and People Search Bundles available for purchase
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People Search: You will now be able to purchase searches in bundles of 100 for $99, to use as needed (can be used across either/both the People Search and Family Connections tool). If you have a Family Connections service and support subscription, you will be eligible for a 14% discount on the People Search Bundle.

To purchase a People Search Bundle, please follow the directions below.

Family Connections: A paid subscription allows you up to 6 hours annually of training and support, including diligent search and engagement coaching, as well as priority access to our monthly Connecting Hour sessions and a 14% discount on People Search bundles of 100.

To purchase a Subscription, please reach out to [email protected] or coordinate a call with her here.

To purchase a People Search Bundle:

  1. Set up a Billing Account

    Currently, you must be a team manager (or have your team manager proceed with these steps) and log into Family Connections at to set up your billing account, even if you plan to use your searches in the stand-alone People Search tool. (you will use the same login information as People Search)

    1. From the Family Connections tool:

      1. Click on 'Team'

      2. Click on 'Billing'

      3. Click on 'Add New Billing Account'

      4. Add a name and email to the billing account and click 'Save'

      5. Set this as default unless there will be multiple billing accounts

        *it is important to note that anyone on the team who is not a team manager, will only have access to the default billing account and will not be able to utilize People Search if there is not a default billing account set.

  2. Choose the Searches you would like to purchase

  3. You will be taken to a billing page to set up a payment method and/or enter your promo code.

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