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Creating A New Case In Family Connections
Creating A New Case In Family Connections

Learn how to create a new case, and how to start editing that case.

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To create a case, you must have the "Case Manager" permission or higher. If you do not see an "Add Case" button in the "Cases" screen of Family Connections, send your Team Manager a note requesting "Case Manager" permissions. They can use the "Team" tab to view and assign team permissions. 

To get started with a new case:

Create the New Case

  1. Click "Cases" in the top blue bar

  2. Click "Add Case"

  3. Choose a "Case Status"

  4. Enter at least one of First, Middle, and/or Last name fields (remember you can use a case number, initials, etc. depending on your organization's policy)

    1. If you would like to use the Digital Lifebook feature, you will have to have the First and Last name fields filled out with any kind of information)

  5. Click the "Add Case" button. 

  6. Optional: The "Permissions" tab allows you to add other team members and you can set their permissions for that specific case here. Check out this video or read about the difference between Team vs Case level permission.

Access The New Case

Click the "Work On Case" button. 

Add A New Person To The Case

  1. Double click a placeholder to enter the person's name into the side panel that opens at right

  2. Click the blue "Create New Person" button to add the person. 

  3. Click the "Details" for the newly added person. 

  4. Click "Edit Details" or the pencil icon 

  5. Enter any information, including old contact information, that you have for this person. 

  6. Click "Save" at the bottom.

Search For Additional Contact Information

  1. Click on the person in the Connections or People tab. 

  2. Click the "Search" in the person slide out panel on the right. 

  3. Click one of the search options, and follow the instructions. 

  4. People Search can import directly into Family Connections. 

    1. You can preview the results, find other potential associates, and easily import the information you find into Family Connections!

    2. You can view any contact information you have imported for the person you search by navigating to the Details tab of the person.

  5. Other web results can be captured using the Connect Our Kids Chrome Browser plugin (view this video or read this article to learn how to download and use the plugin)

Entering Engagement Notes

When under the Connections tab, you can log engagements directly to a person:

  1. Click the "Connections" tab

  2. Select a person from your workspace

  3. Under the Engagements tab, you can log any outreach here

When under the Engagements tab, you can log engagements and assign it to a person:

  1. Click the "Engagements" tab.

  2. Here you can log any type of outreach

  3. You can select a person to save the outreach you

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